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Kasuga Ioniser

Coulombuster electrostatic-related measuring equipment is based on measuring technology for precise amounts of electrostatic charge and potential., rendered through fundamental lectrostatic physics developed through our pioneering work of NEC Electron Devices. Our new concept – unlike conventional measuring methods – can be applied to the main components of next-generation electronics.

The Coulombuster Series offers the customer worry-free use anywhere, from quality control to facility auditing.


Coulomb Meter
• charge from a grounded and insulated(conducting) object
• charge of an induction device charging an object
• charge of a device after contact with a charged object
• charge following use of a friction and electrostatic build-up induction device
• grounded electrostatic capacity of devices and metal objects
Human Potential Meter
• potential of a human wearing conducive shoes
• potential of a human wearing wristbands
• potential of a human wearing gloves
• potential of a human sitting in a chair
Workbench Monitor
• surface potential of a metal workbench
• surface potential of metal equipment and machinery
• electric potential of an object charged by an induction device.
Air-Ion Monitor
• ion balance (electric potential) of an ionizer
• charge from a device below an ionizer
• decay time of a charged device below an ionizer
• potential/charge of an object charged by an induction device

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