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EcoPeeler is a transparent and inorganic chemical which does not contain any HDA (hydroxylamine), hazardous, toxic, or organic solvents. The pH of EcoPeeler can be controlled to required levels so as to be comparable with various processes. It is also a cost effective chemical as there is no necessity for additional facilities or cost associated with its disposal.

Features of EcoPeeler

Cost Performance

Long Life  
Shelf Time of EcoPeeler is very much long. For example, Shelf life of other chemicals are about 1 ~ 2 days, but Ecopeeler can be used longer than 5 days operation at 35C for 8 inch wafer. That is why the running cost is very low.

Direct Water Rinsing  
After using HDA or other organic chemicals, you need to use IPA or NMP at rinsing process.

However EcoPeeler dose not need IPA or NMP, it can be rinsed by direct water. That is, you can lower costs of rinsing chemicals.

Eco Peeler can be disposed as acid chemicals. It is not necessary additional facilites. Also organic chemicals need to recycle and it is expensive.

EcoPeeler is disposed to acid disposal line, this cost is much lower than recycled chemicals.

SEM Image of W Plug

SEM Image of AI Process

SEM Image of CU Process

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