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Sponge Roller

TEHCNOPOROUS Roller is a continuous micro-porous foam roller based on our original technology, excellent in various properties such as softness, resilience, water absorption and chemical resistance. In addition TECHNOPOROUS Roller is made of alternative base polymers of polyolefin or polyurethane, so that the most suitable roller can be selected for diverse uses each. For example, a polyolefin roller is recommendable in a chemical resistance demanding use, and so is a polyurethane roller in an abrasion resistance demanding use.

Application of Rollers

• Squeegee Rollers/Minilabo, Printed Circuit Board, Lead-Frame, etc.
• Washing Pads/hard Disc, glass Plate, Medal, etc.
• Coating Rollers/Ink Rollers and Miscellaneous Coating
• Chemical Squeeze Rollers/Plating, Etching, etc.


Test Method of Chemical Resistance

1. Sample Size
60mm(L)x 10 mm(W) x 2.5mm(T)

2. Immersion Conditions
• In PP container, the sample was submerged under the chemical solution volumetrically 20    times or more the sample for each period.
• Temperature: 25 +-2 *C.
• After the submersion the sample was washed with a large quantity of running water to    eliminate remaining chemicals and dried. ( 90*C x 2 hours, in hot air dryer)

3. Tensile strength Measurement
• The two indication lines were put 20mm apart from each other on the lengthward center of    the sample and the measurement was conducted by Tensile Strength Meter of
   Minebea Co LTD.
• Tensile Speed : 300mm/min

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