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What is Sangelose?

SANGELOSE is a new cellulose-derivative thickener for external application drugs and cosmetics, which Daido Chemical Corporation has developed. This cellulose-derivative is Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) combined with a small quantity of long chain alkyl group.

The special properties of SANGELOSE are as follows:

1. Turns into a gel having a high viscosity and a thixotropic fluidity.
Showing a high viscosity in a small quantity compared with HPMC. Being excellent in formative property, good in extension and easy to use.

2. Non-ionic
Having almost no interaction with medical substance, and showing a stable release of medical substance against ionic substance.

3. Easy preparation of gel
Due to the special dissolution property, undissolved lumps of powder tend not to occur.

4. Excellent in handling when dissolved.

Physical Properties in solution

1) Relation between Concentration and Viscosity

The SANGELOSE solution forms the meshes of a net by hydrophobic interaction of long chain alkyl group and shows a very high viscosity compared with HPMC (raw materials).

2) Relation between Temperature and Viscosity

SANGELOSE tends to decrease in viscosity with a rise in temperature, which reflects the physical property of HPMC (raw materials).

3) Relation between Shear Rate and Viscosity

SANGELOSE aqueous solution decreases in apparent viscosity with the rise in shear rate. Its degree of decrease is higher than that of HPMC (raw materials), which shows that SANGELOSE aqueous solution has a high non-Newtonian property. This physical property makes the formational quality of the solution high, which leads to the production of a good gel having a good extension when coated.

4) Relation between pH and Viscosity

As SANGELOSE is non-ionic, it does not change in viscosity with the change in pH.

5) Salt resistance

With the addition of a large amount of salt, SANGELOSE decreases in solubility through salting out, which leads to no showing of viscosity

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