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Epifine Epoxy Resin

EpiFine Epoxy Adhesive
• Finepolymers, a 100% owned by KISCO, is specializing in epoxy adhesive.
• Finepolymers have Epoxy Modified division, and Semiconductor's Etching Residue Remover Division.
• Epoxy Modified Division treats various resins that can be classified in to two

1) 1 component type resin, which is used for the sealing of electric relay. Resin used for the sealing of electric relay has many advantages, such as high viscosity, low out-gas essence, low temperature cure and storable at room temperature. Many Electric Relay manufacturers are using this resin.

2) 2 components type resin, which is used for sealing LED – mainly bullet type - has been widely used by manufacturers in Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

Physical Properties of EpiFine epoxy resin

• Superior adhesive strength to various engineering plastics (PBT,LCP)
• Keep strength even at high temperature. (250 degree Celsius)
• Lower mis-curing by separation of epoxy and hardener.
• Lowering outgas that has bad effects on contacts.
• Superior electric properties, especially superior tracking resistance property (C.T.I.)

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