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Senju EcoSolder


It is said that the production of electronic equipments starts from the joint and ends at the joint. Modern electronic equipments has evolved towards more microscopic and higher-density components. As a result of this trends, various connecting methods have been developed. However, soldering remains the most popular means of basic jointing.

The history of soldering goes back some 5000 years ago, but fundamental soldering has always been the Sn-Pb series solder that consists of tin and lead. However lead pollution in groundwater has been regconized as an environmental problem and complete elimination of the use of lead is called for.

Realizing that protection of our environment is out task in the 21st century, Senju has earnestly entended our reasearch in this area and developed Lead-Free solder "ECO SOLDER". Please contact us for any problem that relates to Lead-Free soldering. We are thoroughly prepared to introduce a Lead-Free soldering system as we have the comprehensive technology base and have constructed support systems in various phases.

Lead-Free ECO SOLDER developed by Senju offers high soldering reliability compared with the Sn-Pb series solder of the past and is available in a wide product lineup according to the required soldering temperature.

Product availability may be limited for certain alloy compositions, please select the appropriate product from the ECO SOLDER Products Guide.

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